All has been quiet for a couple of weeks, so I felt it only right to provide an update before the next story goes live today…

I have been hard at work on several new ideas for the blog, and the interest shown so far has only inspired me to think about how I can push the limits of this format more and more.  I’ve also been exploring the possibilities of hosting my own website which opens up even more realms of opportunity.

But for today I will present you with a simple horror story.  It is something which has grabbed me over the last week or two, and I hope it will do the same to you.  I will present it as two separate parts,  but it is in fact one continuous story – just a little unwieldy and long for anyone attempting to read it all in one go on a lunch break or whatever the case may be.

Not that I recommend reading it on the fly, as such.  It works best as a stand alone, top to bottom tale, preferably read with the lights off, amidst the sounds of the night…

As for those of you who have read the first two parts of Gifted – thank you very much, and fear not!  The five remaining, and concluding, parts are on their way…  I just want to make you want it more.

Thanks for your support…. And get reading!